When it comes to kitting out your team with work bags, or providing your clients with a branded company bag, there are some things to consider to make sure you not only purchase the best possible product, but that the bag also helps you to build a stronger relationship with those receiving it.

WOW Factor

It is assumed you are giving the bags to people you care about, most likely your employees, prospects or current clients. What you don’t what to happen when they receive the bag is for them to say thank you with that blank expression which really means- great, another thing for the ‘crap cupboard’. We all have a crap cupboard don’t we? You know, the cupboard at home that holds everything we will probably never use, but don’t get around to throwing out.

You want them to look at the bag with a WOW factor and appreciation that someone has put a lot of thought into it. You want it to be something they will use with pride.

Major Components to Consider


At the end of the day, if you are providing your team with work bags, or presenting bags to your clients as a corporate gift, the bag needs to be practical. Having the ability to make design modifications to the bag to tailor it to your needs. Again, we focus on what the clients ultimate objective is with the bag. What do they want to achieve? We then look at ways to specifically tailor the bag to provide the best opportunity to achieve that outcome. It may be simple things like re-positioning or making a pocket bigger, right through to significant design changes.


Everyone has used enough bags in their time to know that zippers are usually the thing that fail first. Usually at the most inconvenient time!

SBS and YKK zippers are the two world power houses when it comes to zippers. YKK has been around since 1934, and SBS since 1984. Comparing in shear numbers of production, YKK comes out on top, but SBS is quickly catching up. There are pros and cons of each brand, but we decided back in 2017 that SBS suited our bags the best. SBS’s expanding production and investment in innovation (380 authorized patents and applies for more that 100 each year) give us the confidence that they will go the distance. We also like that brands such as Ariat, Adidas, Fila, The North Face and others, use SBS zippers.

Customisable Branding

Have you heard of the Airport test?

If you wouldn’t carry a bag through an airport because the branding on it is brighter than a neon sign, there is little chance the people you are gifting the bag to will either. Worse, it will never get used anywhere.

We advise clients to keep branding subtle. Sometimes a small logo on one of the corners of the bag, speaks a thousand words.


Presenting bags to your team, or clients, can have a massive positive impact on the relationship you have with them. Done right, it is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship. Done poorly, you have no impact what so ever.

We have supplied custom branded bags to some of the largest companies in Australia, such as, BP, Kenworth, Linfox, National Transport Insurance and Australia Post. We know what works and we can help you to achieve your goals.

If you would like to know more, we are offering a free digital concept package. We can add your logo to our range of bags in different sizes and positions to show your brand in the best possible light.

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